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Here is what you want to know all about the procedure: Kidney transplant is a surgery performed to patients where a healthy kidney is transplanted from a person to the affected individual. This procedure is done for patients who have chronic kidney diseases and those who do not want to take weekly dialysis of the blood. It is a standard procedure done to patients around the world who suffers from various ailments of kidney,

  • The person who gives the kidney is referred as ”Donor”
  • The person who receives the kidney is referred as ”Recipient”

Kidney transplant involves the following steps:

  1. 1) Before the transplantation (Pre operative procedure)
  2. 2) Transplantation
  3. 3) After the transplantation (Post operative procedure)

Pre operative procedure:

These are the measures which are taken before the transplant is done..

  1. 1) Taking certain tests related to kidney like:
  • Renal function tests
  • Urine test
  • CT Scan and an Ultrasound of the kidney
  • Renal biopsy

  1. 2) Matching certain parameters between the donor and the recipient:
  • Blood group matching
  • Histocompatibility(matching whether the donor’s organ can be accepted by the recipient’s body)
  • HLA Antigen matching(testing whether the organ can survive in the recipient.)

  1. 3) Obtaining the consent from the donor to donate the organ and from the recipient to accept the organ
  2. 4) Preparing the donor and the recipient for surgery

  3. Transplantation:

    The kidney is taken from a donor only in these ways:

    1. 1)From a person who is a close relative(genetically related relative like cousin and nephew) to the patient. This type of donor is known as “Living related donor”
    2. 2) From a person who is declared ‘BRAIN DEAD’, by obtaining the consent of the relatives of the person to give the organ.This donor is known as “CADAVERIC DONOR” and type of transplant is called cadaver transplant

    The kidney is taken from the donor and it is placed in the recipient. Since it is a long procedure here is a video about it:

    Post operative procedure:

    • After the transplant is successfully done both the donor and the recipient is constantly monitored in the post operative transplant management room
    • The donor is carefully monitored ( in case of a living donor)
    • The recipient’s urine filtration is monitored and after a series of tests to check whether the kidney is accepted and functioning properly in the recipient’s body, the patient is discharged
    • Then there is a medication of immunosuppressive drugs, so that the recipient’s body accepts the new organ
    • Advantages:

      • This procedure is done in laparoscopic method(operating through small holes with the help of certain instruments in the body instead of opening it fully).Hence the recovery time is usually faster.
      • Dialysis requires weekly visit to the hospital which may interfere with the routine work of the person whereas transplant is a permanent procedure and it doesn’t interfere with the daily works.
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