• Our pharmacy works 24x7 to cater all the needs . All the normal drugs and emergency, life-saving drugs are available       round the clock.
  • Our pharmacists will dispense the patients medicine as per the doctor's prescription. All pharmacists are well trained and       equipped with latest knowledge.
  • All critical drugs are stored in the pharmacy as per the stipulated norms.
  • Laboratory

    Needless to say, Laboratory plays a paramount role in any multi-specialty hospital; Built over 900 square feet, Laboratory in Front Line Hospital can boast its uniqueness in terms of state-of-the-art equipment. Interior built by "NABH" standards, with ample moving space and its reception area are all testimony to our commitment to Laboratory services. Our chemi-luminesence equipment will be of great use to Gastroenterologist, Nephrologists, Infertility clinician, Endocrinologist and Rheumatologist. Accuracy and promptness differentiates our service from the rest.


    Radio-diagnostics in Frontline Hospital is in par with any corporate health-care working 24*7

    Our facilities in Radiology


  • USG with 4-D platform
  • Color Doppler
  • 2D echo cardiogram
  • X ray

  • Digital x ray processing
  • Portable x ray
  • Point-of-care viewing
  • CT scan

  • 6 slice helical (emotion-6 by Siemens)
  • Renal / carotid / pulmonary and peripheral angiogram
  • 3-D reconstruction images
  • Availability 24 x 7
  • ALL X-ray related procedures

  • IVP
  • Ascending urethrogram
  • Voiding cysto-urethrogram
  • Barium follow-up
  • Barium swallow
  • Peripheral limb venogram
  • USG guided procedures

  • Liver biopsy
  • Renal biopsy
  • PCNL
  • Anesthesia related Procedures
  • USG room

    Room is specially built and is equipped with all emergency paraphernalia to manage any procedure related eventuality.

    X-ray and CT scan

    Occupy the specified space in the basement and its digital output can be used at the point of care


    Front Line Hospital has the state-of-the art C arm, can be utilized for multipurpose. Our visiting interventional radiologist will attend to all lifesaving emergencies, In a nutshell, Front Line Hospital and its radiology facilities will cater to all needs under one roof.


  • The hospital provides a well – equipped ambulance with emergency Medicines.
  • Hospital ensures Efficient and timely transportation of a patient to and from the hospital under the care of trained nursing staff.
  • The ambulance is designed and is appropriately equipped to respond to medical emergencies.

  • The hospital ensures that the ambulance is manned by trained personnel who can respond to any emergency situations if need arises.
  • Hospitals ambulance shall be available at the hospital for meeting any emergencies.
  • An alternate ambulance shall be made available on call from outside.
  • The ambulance drivers and the drivers on call are provided with cell phones. Drivers shall promptly respond when called upon       from the hospital or from the emergency site.
  • A Transport ventilator shall be made available for use in special situations.
  • Adequate consumables and drinking water shall be made available in the ambulance.
  • Availability of adequate number of medical gases cylinder (oxygen cylinder with regulator) shall be ensured.


    The Dietary department is manned by two experienced and qualified dieticians who are well versed with all the procedures and protocols. Their Services are ,

  • Assessment of patients needs and establishment of requirements.
  • Develops menu pattern and evaluate the food quality.
  • consults with the health care team regarding the nutritional care for the patients.
  • Counseling of Nutrition Education to both OP and IP patients.

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